New Necklace for Pit Bull Rescue.

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Since I adopted Petal from a high kill shelter in March, I've been wanting to save every dog at her shelter, but that's probably not best for anyone. So I thought I'd create a piece that I would sell to raise funds for rescues that pull pit bulls like Petal from high kill shelters in my area like Out of the Pits, Second Chance NYC, and others. I wanted the absolute best, cutest, fattest, happiest pit bull drawing ever, so I asked my friend Susie Ghahremani of boygirlparty if she would donate her design skills. She loves animals too, and made the most amazing series of drawings. I chose this one to start but the others may show up on other pieces of jewelry soon! You can purchase this one here.

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New Pendant Only Option for Tiny Pool Necklace

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I'm now offering a pendant-only option for this necklace! Order multiples on one chain here.


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My aquamarine (March's birthstone) hammered ring is now available in two grades of aquamarine.

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The top photo shows A grade aquamarine, which some people may prefer. It's a very pale blue. The AA grade is much more vibrant. Available here.

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New Live Oak Twig Necklace in Sterling Silver

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Here's my first new piece for 2015! A southern live oak twig necklace in sterling silver:

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New Live Oak Twig Ring

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Most of the botanical pieces I make come from species found here in New York, but I recently made a twig wedding ring in 14k palladium white gold for a customer who sent me branches from a southern live oak. These oak trees are very different from the ones here. Their leaves stay green in the winter, so they're a type of evergreen, and the twigs and leaves are very different in shape. And they grow huge, and often have moss hanging off of them in the south. My customer was nice enough to let me use the mold of her twig to make more pieces. Right now I have them cast in sterling silver, but can make them in other metals.


Here's the 14k palladium white gold version:


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New Sage Leaf Necklace

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This was one of those ideas that I spent a long time thinking about, a long necklace, 30", and it had to be kind of pointy. Ha. It took me a few years to figure out what leaf to use, but I finally figured out it needed to be a sage leaf. The texture is dramatic enough that it's not all about the shape. The long necklace is pictured with a bright finish, but it would look good dark as well. The one shown with the dark finish has a somewhat more masculine 1.5 mm 20" bead chain. I think this is actually a great men's necklace in that length. Both are available here.

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Ruby Grades, and why the highest grade isn't always the best color

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The highest grade ruby is a true, intense, clear red. However, if this isn't your favorite red, lower grades of rubies offer some different colors. The lowest grade is my favorite, a translucent, glowing magenta. They're not light pink enough to be called pink sapphire (ruby is actually just a sapphire that's red) but they're really more pink than red. The Rose Cut Ruby Engagement Ring shows how great this color looks with yellow gold, and the Message of Love Ring combines it with 14k rose gold and custom stamped sterling silver for a casual, rustic look.



Here's a better look at it with a rose gold bezel on the Message of Love Ring.


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