Rose gold, platinum and rose cut moissanite rings

Posted on February 25, 2015 by Elizabeth Scott | 0 Comments

Just finished polishing this beautiful set of rings, headed for Australia Express Mail today. The River design is usually ordered in a matte finish, but this one is polished, which I kind of like. It's too bad Charles and Colvard is discontinuing (or has discontinued) rose cut moissanite. I may still make this ring, but with a diamond or other stone.

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Ruby Grades, and why the highest grade isn't always the best color

Posted on January 15, 2014 by Elizabeth Scott | 1 Comment

The highest grade ruby is a true, intense, clear red. However, if this isn't your favorite red, lower grades of rubies offer some different colors. The lowest grade is my favorite, a translucent, glowing magenta. They're not light pink enough to be called pink sapphire (ruby is actually just a sapphire that's red) but they're really more pink than red. The Rose Cut Ruby Engagement Ring shows how great this color looks with yellow gold, and the Message of Love Ring combines it with 14k rose gold and custom stamped sterling silver for a casual, rustic look.



Here's a better look at it with a rose gold bezel on the Message of Love Ring.


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