Roar! Soap

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roar soap

One of my favorite soapmakers, daisycakessoap on Etsy, is launching a new brand this month- Roar! Soap, with proceeds donated to charity. I ordered a pound of soap from her one4oneproject shop. For each pound purchased, a pound of soap goes to a sanctuary church. Her soap, handmade in Athens GA, is truly the best, and now it supports great causes too.

Yet another reason to support independent artists. Francesca's illegal use of copyrighted work.

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We always hear stories about large companies ripping off the designs of independent artists, but this is such a blatant and horrible example that I had to share it. Please boycott Francesca's and share this news article about the copyright infringement:

Susie Ghahremani is the wonderful artist who donated the drawing for my charity necklace (proceeds to go to pit bull rescue) and I hate to see this happening to her brand. Let Francesca's know what you think and buy the original bowtie cat enamel pin at

Donations to Pit Bull Rescues for August

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This is Hazel, one of the many dogs recently rescued from ACC by Pound Hounds. Donations from my new Pit Bull Necklace for August went to Baltimore Bully Crew in the amount of $78, and Upstate Underdog Rescue in the amount of $295, for a total of $373! That's not bad considering I only shared the necklace with a couple of local rescues and it was first available for sale on August 13th. I'm on my way to my goal of 25 necklaces sold for the remainder of the year. For the first 25 necklaces sold each year I plan to donate 100% to rescue, after that it will be 80%. Purchasers can request that the donation be sent to a local rescue (as long as it primarily pulls pit bulls from high kill shelters) otherwise, I will donate to the rescues most in need of funds, the ones that pulled the most pit bulls to safety from ACC the previous month. For August, those were All Breed VT and Pound Hounds. So September's donations will be divided between those two. They each pulled over 20 pit bulls to safety in August. August is a tough month for rescue, with a lot of people on vacation, a lot of dogs coming in, and not many people adopting. 

Petal, my little ACC girl, adopted 3-2, is doing great, enjoying her yard even in the hot weather!

New Necklace for Pit Bull Rescue.

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Since I adopted Petal from a high kill shelter in March, I've been wanting to save every dog at her shelter, but that's probably not best for anyone. So I thought I'd create a piece that I would sell to raise funds for rescues that pull pit bulls like Petal from high kill shelters in my area like Out of the Pits, Second Chance NYC, and others. I wanted the absolute best, cutest, fattest, happiest pit bull drawing ever, so I asked my friend Susie Ghahremani of boygirlparty if she would donate her design skills. She loves animals too, and made the most amazing series of drawings. I chose this one to start but the others may show up on other pieces of jewelry soon! You can purchase this one here.

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Petal's getting some training!

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Petal, my little rescue pittie from Manhattan ACC, is doing great! I just had my first dog training session for her this week with a wonderful trainer. It was reassuring to hear that I've been doing a good job with her on my own. She definitely could not have gone to an average home or one with no dog training experience (her evaluation said so!) so I'm happy to be giving the hyper little monster the chance to have the kind of home she needs. And eventually with patience (and after the teenage dog stage) I know she will get there. If anyone needs a dog trainer in the Albany NY area I highly recommend Helene Goldberger!  She uses force-free methods (Pat Miller's) which is what I used for Karma my rescued Akita. Karma died this winter of cancer at age 12, and as a pup she was so much like Petal. So high energy, and she had a lot of challenges, but like Petal, I loved her for the dog she was, and she was perfect to me.  Rescued dogs are so rewarding, working with them and watching them overcome the things that happened to them in the past and realize their potential (even if they always have a few limitations) is an amazing process.

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Working on setting up my house and car for Petal.

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Today I finished several dog related projects that have been in the works since Petal the pittie arrived here on 3/2. When she arrived I was totally unprepared. I had a bag of Wellness Core Original Flavor dog food, a harness my previous dog grew out of, a flexi lead for 100 lb+ dogs, a doggie gate, a nylabone, and a couple of toys. Since she's so young, possibly even less than a year old, I needed some kind of safe room for her to prevent damage to the house or her eating things that would hurt her. I didn't feel comfortable immediately crating her, not knowing how she'd react to being forced in and out of a crate without being acclimated to it first, because my Akita had shown me what a bad idea it was to try this a long time ago.

So I decided to use my mud room, and I had a doggie gate when Petal arrived. She destroyed, absolutely destroyed, this very sturdy and expensive gate within the first few minutes, which makes me wonder what she would have done to a crate. After that, she was simply restricted to whatever room I was in. In other words, constant supervision. Which is actually pretty easy in my house, because I work at home all day and the downstairs is one room. I can see her everywhere. While she was getting over her kennel cough she needed a warm place to sleep, so I put her bed right in front of the fire and one of the first commands she learned was "bed" and also "lie down" because she did that a lot anyway, and it was easy to give her a cookie every time so she learned the words. Of course, at night I couldn't leave her unsupervised in front of the fire, so I brought her bed in my room at night but she ended up on my bed, with no way for me to keep her off while asleep, but that's fine with me.

The car is one of those things that gets her overexcited. A couple experiments showed me that barring a crate (which might cause behavior issues getting in and out) the only safe thing would be to barricade off the back. Anything involving seats or seat belts seems to lead to chewing. She's a great jumper, and can get up there easily. So I think it'll work. I'll need to secure her better, hook up her harness somehow, at some point. But right now I think this car barrier will work. Moving blankets make great dog beds for puppies and any dogs that destroy beds. They're about $3 each, so no great loss if one gets torn to bits. She can have nice things when she's older!

The safe room is such a big accomplishment because leaving her alone only secured by the bent up gate was working, but I don't feel it was really secure, if she wanted to get by it, for example, if she saw an animal outside I could see her breaking her teeth trying to get through the gate. Since she goes after metal, I think if I do get a crate and manage to crate train her it will have to be some kind of non-metal crate. I looked at a lot of ideas for dog gates, including half doors, but when I found this plan for a baby gate using plexiglass, I knew it was the one. The plexiglass lets me monitor her more easily and I think she'll feel safer being able to see who's coming down the hall. Most importantly, she can't bend it with her teeth.

My friend just helped install it while Petal barked at him constantly. That's another reason I need the gate. She needs to learn not to bark and jump up on visitors. So she'll stay in there until she calms down and is ready to greet them nicely. (On a leash, most likely.) I have a few different security things I use, and one of them is dropcam, so I put one of those little portable cameras in her room. I can not only see her but also hear her and talk to her. I was out in the garage, and she started clawing at the gate, and I told her no. At least that time, it worked, but we'll see. If she does damage that back hall area, it's a small area. Probably not that hard to fix any scratches in the drywall. Here she is, checking for signs of weakness in the door.

and here's a close up of the door/gate itself. The plexi is an a groove in the 2x4's. My friend Marc did such a great job! There are latches on both sides. I may need to adjust their placement or add more.

The stair treads were something I'd always wanted to do because my Akita did sometimes slip on the stairs, and so did I, but we were both used to it. Petal I'm sure would hurt herself though, in a hurry to get to the door. I was kind of skeptical about these staying on but so far so good! I used the carpet tape they recommended. These are just natural jute, so no chemicals or anything to pollute the indoor air.

Anyway, so far so good... but we'll see. It could take a lot more to contain this much natural enthusiasm for life.

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Spring. Finally!

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Petal is sniffing the spring air. Pitties have almost no fur, so she loves that it's getting warmer. She's only about a year old, so most of her life has been winter, or maybe all of it that she can remember. Yesterday and today have been the first days over the 30s in a long time. I think it got up into the 50s. The snow is melting, finally. Here it is about a week ago...



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