Donations to Pit Bull Rescues for August

September 01, 2015

This is Hazel, one of the many dogs recently rescued from ACC by Pound Hounds. Donations from my new Pit Bull Necklace for August went to Baltimore Bully Crew in the amount of $78, and Upstate Underdog Rescue in the amount of $295, for a total of $373! That's not bad considering I only shared the necklace with a couple of local rescues and it was first available for sale on August 13th. I'm on my way to my goal of 25 necklaces sold for the remainder of the year. For the first 25 necklaces sold each year I plan to donate 100% to rescue, after that it will be 80%. Purchasers can request that the donation be sent to a local rescue (as long as it primarily pulls pit bulls from high kill shelters) otherwise, I will donate to the rescues most in need of funds, the ones that pulled the most pit bulls to safety from ACC the previous month. For August, those were All Breed VT and Pound Hounds. So September's donations will be divided between those two. They each pulled over 20 pit bulls to safety in August. August is a tough month for rescue, with a lot of people on vacation, a lot of dogs coming in, and not many people adopting. 

Petal, my little ACC girl, adopted 3-2, is doing great, enjoying her yard even in the hot weather!

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