Use the form below to ask questions or to request a custom order.

How long will it take me to receive my order?

Orders ship within 1-2 days for necklaces and earrings, 3-5 days for stacking rings, 1-2 weeks for wedding rings, and 2-3 weeks for engagement rings, or see item pages for the most accurate production times. Rush orders are possible, so contact me if this time frame doesn't work for you. Shipping times vary, and you'll have a choice in checkout.

Can I return or exchange something?

Yes, within 30 days. For detailed information on how to return or exchange an item, see my shipping/policies page, but I'm pretty generous with returns and exchanges. If you need to exchange something for a different size after 30 days and the item hasn't been worn, it's usually fine. For the re-sizing of wedding and engagement rings, there may be a small charge.

How do I figure out my ring size?

The best way to do this is to use a sizer at a jewelry shop, or you can order a plastic sizer from me. It's only $1 plus $3.75 for shipping, and they usually arrive very quickly. Printable size charts often don't print to scale, so I don't recommend using those.

What about custom orders?

Most of my pieces can be customized in various ways, for example with a different stone or different metal. Contact me with your ideas and we'll go from there. Once the details are decided, I'll send you a link to a custom item to purchase. Purchase is required before I start work on your piece, and while I can make changes to your piece once it's started, you may need to cover any added costs. Custom orders are not returnable, but in many cases I can re-size or alter them for you.

What is recycled metal and why do you use it?

Gold and silver have been recycled for thousands of years, but new metal is constantly being mined. Many of these mines are destructive to the environment and to the communities near them. So I choose to use recycled metals whenever possible, metals that come from refining only. I buy certified recycled metals from Hoover and Strong.

Can you recycle my old jewelry and make one of your pieces with it?

Most likely not. The only time I recycle metal myself is when I make my Pebble pendants. It's a tiny pendant, and I use clean scrap with no solder. Most likely your jewelry has solder, and could not be re-used in this way. It would need refining. 

Can I send you my old jewelry and get a credit from you to use toward new jewelry?

I only send my scrap for refining about once a year, so that wouldn't work very well. You may be able to find a local shop that will accept your scrap.

Can you make one of your pieces for me using my diamond or other gemstone?

Yes, sometimes this is possible. 

Why do many of your engagement rings use Moissanite rather than diamond?

Diamonds, because of the Kimberley Process, are now considered conflict-free, meaning their sources are tracked so that no stones find their way into the market from areas of conflict. However, this process is not 100% perfect and mining itself is often destructive. For that reason, I prefer to use created stones such as Moissanite whenever possible. Besides being eco-friendly, Moissanite is also a uniquely beautiful material with more brilliance than a diamond, extreme hardness and durability, and other unique qualities. It was originally discovered in a meteorite and is very rare on earth. I use standard and Forever Brilliant Moissanite from Charles and Colvard. I can order Canadian diamonds (responsibly mined and conflict-free) and recycled diamonds upon request.

What is palladium white gold and how is it different from standard white gold?

Palladium gives white gold a darker but less yellowish color, and it replaces the nickel in standard white gold. Nickel can cause allergies for some people. Standard white gold is often rhodium plated to give it a more gray, less yellow color, and I don't have the capability to do plating. Palladium white gold does still have a warm-toned medium gray color.

What is palladium?

Palladium is a very durable alloy in the platinum group of metals. Compared to platinum, it's more gray, and less heavy. It's beautiful on its own, or as part of a white gold alloy. See this blog post for more information on the white metals I use in my jewelry.

Do you make everything yourself or do you have help?

All of my pieces are hand made by me in my studio. I use an outside caster, but the finishing and fabrication is done by me. This allows me control over quality and the ability to easily customize any piece.

Where else can I find your jewelry? Do you wholesale?

I have an Etsy shop, open since 2006, with over 25,000 orders to date  . To inquire about wholesale, contact me at my Etsy shop to request my linesheet or log in to Etsy Wholesale.