Petal's getting some training!

May 29, 2015

Petal, my little rescue pittie from Manhattan ACC, is doing great! I just had my first dog training session for her this week with a wonderful trainer. It was reassuring to hear that I've been doing a good job with her on my own. She definitely could not have gone to an average home or one with no dog training experience (her evaluation said so!) so I'm happy to be giving the hyper little monster the chance to have the kind of home she needs. And eventually with patience (and after the teenage dog stage) I know she will get there. If anyone needs a dog trainer in the Albany NY area I highly recommend Helene Goldberger!  She uses force-free methods (Pat Miller's) which is what I used for Karma my rescued Akita. Karma died this winter of cancer at age 12, and as a pup she was so much like Petal. So high energy, and she had a lot of challenges, but like Petal, I loved her for the dog she was, and she was perfect to me.  Rescued dogs are so rewarding, working with them and watching them overcome the things that happened to them in the past and realize their potential (even if they always have a few limitations) is an amazing process.

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