Petal Earrings on the Martha Stewart Show

March 03, 2008

martha stewart show

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I just watched the show this morning (it's the leap year show- February 29th) but for some reason, in my area it didn't air until today. I'd gotten a convo from Etsy admin on Friday the 22nd that the producers of the Martha Stewart show had selected some items and I guess the idea is that they would choose some to be on the show from those that arrived by Monday. So I sent my petal earrings, necklace, and birch bark ring Express and it looks like they selected both earrings and matching necklace, but Rob and Martha were running out of time as they went across the table from left to right. Mine seem to be last in line of the jewelry- so they weren't mentioned by name, but you can see my little green boxes in the picture. As Rob mentions in the show, the selected items were on the Etsy front page on Friday, so I did end up with about 18 items to pack and ship for that day (most went out Saturday) and quite a few made-to-order rings to complete over the weekend. I think it was a record day for hearts- almost 200. So, thank you Etsy and Martha.

Oh and March 11th is when Emily Martin (The Black Apple) will be on Martha. I keep missing the show when Etsians are featured, so I'll have to remember to watch on the 11th!

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