Petal the pitty checks out some rose cut moissanites.

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Say hello to Petal! She was rescued from NYC ACC about 3 weeks ago. Today she's helping me work, meaning she's looking at me wagging her tail and hoping I'll get off the computer and play tug with her. I didn't plan on a new dog after losing my older Akita to cancer over the winter, but I happened to look at the Death Row Dogs FB page. They publish a list of the dogs to be euthanized each day by NYC Animal Care and Control. I was thinking of fostering for a year or two before adopting a new dog, and I wasn't even sure what breed of dog I wanted. The dogs on the urgent list are almost all pitties, and if they made it on the list that means the shelter considers them adoptable. They usually make it onto the list if they have a health rating that's bad, not anything wrong with their behavior. All of the dogs generally have kennel cough, and Petal did too. When I looked at her records there was a note that she "wasn't eating her pills" so my vet put her on a full course of doxycycline. She actually improved two days later, her cough completely gone. There was a note on her description that she pulls on the leash, and the first week she did, and even grabbed the leash in her mouth, but she's doing much better with that and most of her walks are pulling-free now! She's wonderful in the house too and loves to snuggle.

This is the ring I use the rose cut moissanite for. It's been popular, and I believe Charles and Colvard may be discontinuing the rose cut, so I bought 10 of each size, 5 mm and 6 mm. Here's a picture of a recent 6 mm on my bench. I just used my last 5 mm a few days ago. It combines the vintage look of the rose cut and the wide platinum bezel with a simple, modern hammered pattern.

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New Pendant Only Option for Tiny Pool Necklace

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I'm now offering a pendant-only option for this necklace! Order multiples on one chain here.


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My aquamarine (March's birthstone) hammered ring is now available in two grades of aquamarine.

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The top photo shows A grade aquamarine, which some people may prefer. It's a very pale blue. The AA grade is much more vibrant. Available here.

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Rose gold, platinum and rose cut moissanite rings

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Just finished polishing this beautiful set of rings, headed for Australia Express Mail today. The River design is usually ordered in a matte finish, but this one is polished, which I kind of like. It's too bad Charles and Colvard is discontinuing (or has discontinued) rose cut moissanite. I may still make this ring, but with a diamond or other stone.

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Custom Rose Cut Ruby Oval and 14k Yellow Gold and New Rain Engagement Rings

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There's been some interest in the Rain design as a wedding or engagement ring, so here it it is a new 2 mm (3.5 mm at top) width, in 14k yellow gold. I think it would be a nice design for anyone who really doesn't like the idea of a stone, or wants something a little bit less traditional. And I love this custom rose cut ruby oval ring in 14k yellow gold. I'm trying to find a source for more of the rubies in this size. It's natural, with nice color variation and a beautiful cut. Hopefully I can find some more!

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Bangles are back.

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For a long time, I stopped making bangles because the price of silver was so high that it would have been cost prohibitive, but now I'm happy to be able to offer them again, including a new design, modeled after my Rain series. Click the photo to see all bangles.

Custom Rose Cut Moissanite, Platinum and 14k Rose Gold Engagement Ring

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I love how this custom ring came out! It's a 6 mm rose cut moissanite with a platinum bezel and 14k rose gold band, in my River design. A custom version of this piece:

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