honeycomb ring

August 29, 2008 1 Comment

honeycomb decayed

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Preview of a new item- the honeycomb ring is made of fused argentium sterling silver. My favorite part of making this ring was fusing the band to the top. This one has mistakes- the rings fused incompletely or opened up (which I like) but the final version will be solid. It's labor intensive to get the honeycomb section perfect so I'll be making these in limited quantities.

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January 13, 2019

I think I need to copy these verses and put them right in front of me all day, every day. This is one of the areas where I stgulgre the most. God is good – he’s growing me – now at least verses about controlling my tongue come to mind when I’m upset – maybe someday I’ll stop and shut my mouth. Sigh… :-)

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