New Pine Branch Wedding Band Set in Sterling Silver

February 08, 2011 1 Comment


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This is actually my Ring a Week piece, but I've been meaning to add this set to my line for a really long time. I'm glad it's finally ready! This recycled sterling silver cast pine branch wedding ring set is made up of one narrow 2-3 mm band, and one wide 4-5 mm band. Comfortable and rounded on the inside. The species of pine is white pine, one of my favorite trees.

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January 13, 2019

I caught your Ibreakplates out of the cnoerr of my eye in the new FIRST magazine I just bought.I too break plates. I have been wanting to get into mosaic and I hound the thrift shops for pretty plates. some of them I haven’t been able to bring myself to break, I use them, for family and company and when I set the table with all mismatched plates there are so many comments, like I remember this pattern, or my grandma used mis matched plates, or boy this is so trendy I just love them, They will have to be broken at come point but for now they are enjoying a second go around. I want to see your work.I am an artist I paint and teach acrylics , watersolors and pastels.but I like to venture into different territory like mosaics.Blessings,Connie

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