Custom Etched Orion Constellation Necklace in Sterling Silver

November 01, 2013 3 Comments

It's been a while since I etched silver, and I forgot how much I love the rustic, distressed look of it. Now that I have the chemical mixed up, I'm thinking of doing some more etching.

Update: This post seems to be circulating, especially on Pinterest, so I wanted to add that I do offer a version of this custom constellation necklace or pendant in my shop now. You can order it to look a little like the etched version above, but with stars that are stamped. (This makes them much easier to customize.) A 14k gold version is also available.

custom constellation necklace or pendant

(Orion, Gemini and Cancer constellation necklaces.)

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Mike Koen
Mike Koen

November 04, 2016

Are you producing these now? Thanks.


February 25, 2014

Please tell me this is for sale!! This is exactly what I have been looking for. Where can I find it and how much do you charge?


November 02, 2013

Please tell me how much the Orion necklace would cost if available. I have a niece that would love! Where can I purchase?

Appreciate any information.

Thank-you! ginny

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